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Calendar X goes way beyond other calendars. Calendar X is the successor to WunderMoosen's popular Calendar2000 product but it is a completely new product in it's own right written in Cocoa, Objective-C and C. If you are looking for a simple light weight calendar that can just show you the days and months on the standard Gregorian Calendar...THIS IS NOT IT!!! Calendar X is a heavy duty perpetual calendar that offers views across many Calendar disciplines. It computes astronomical events (moon phases, blue moons, solstice, equinox, moon rise and set, sun rise & set) and displays the information according to the selected calendar system. It supports Julian, Gregorian (in many reforms), Jewish, Islamic, Bahai", Indian Civil, Mayan, Coptic and Ethiopic, Persian, Fasli, Shenshai and Qadimi, and Viking. Additionally it will also give date information in Julian, Gregorian, Jewish, Islamic, Bahai", Indian Civil, Mayan, Coptic, Ethiopic, Persian, Fasli, Shenshai, Qadimi, Viking, French Revolution, Roman, ISO and Julian Day Number. Calendar X is useful as a general Calendar but it is really a must have tool for educational use. It gives historians and other researchers a set of powerful tools to continue their research. Anyone who is interested in other cultures and how those cultures mark time will find Calendar X an important aid. Heck, it is just plain fun. The goal of Calendar X is to not only provide useful daily information but to educate about history and what calendars have meant to mankind and why. Learn why calendars exist and how they are indispensable to civilization. Calendars were not invented just to keep everything from happening on the same day.
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  • Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher
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