KP Muhurat

Software to assist to find Best Muhurat based on the event. The software is based on the book KP Muhurat. A Novel Technique in K.P. by Sri. Kanak Bosmia and uses KP Astrology principles. The software assists the user providing all interpretation to fix the best possible Muhurat in few minutes for any event. Based on Mr. Kanak Bosmia's years of study, solid experience and application of the KP principles, he long back felt the need to write a good book on Muhurat in a modern style. This book moves the readers cogently, clearly and step-by-step through the process of calculating the most astrologically auspicious time for a particular occasion or commencement of an activity on the basis of a good longevity and the required significators of the concerned cuspal sublords and running Dasa-Bhukti-Antara-Sookshma lords. Through this book both KP lovers and practitioners will gain a thorough understanding of his new concept and confidently learn to select the most favorable time to begin an activity such as swearing in, marriage, purchase or construction of property, starting a new business, joining a new job, applying for Visa, filing a legal case or any other important occasion. Though this book deals with Muhurat, it has also significant principles of choosing the required cuspal sublords and house grouping for around 80 events and activities according to the matters of 1st to 12th houses, which are useful in prediction by natal or horary chart. The author has thus done a distinct service to the cause of KP and to its proper study and practice.
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