Wake!Gently is an alarm and bedside clock that will wake you as you are supposed to be woken...slowly and gently as nature intended. As the alarm rings, the chosen alarm sound starts to play, quietly at first and rises to full volume over one minute...thus allowing you to wake slowly and gently. Wake!Gently provides 6 professionally recorded, licensed, non looped "ambient" sounds to wake up to. "Gently" elegant and easy to use, Wake!Gently provides: Clock: - Classic "LED" styled clock - Portrait & Landscape Modes - Flashing Second Indicator Single touch to access controls for: - 3 Dimmer Modes to set brightness of clock and background - 24/12 Clock format - Alarm On/Off - Alarm Vibration On/Off (iPhone Only) - Dim Screen (after 20 seconds) On/Off - Phone Auto/Lock On/Off Alarm: - 8 Alarm sound to choose from (2 standard alarm clocks - modern & retro plus "ambient" sounds including "Birdsong", "Waves", "Forest Rain", "Crickets", "Windchimes" and "Waterfall" - Alarm starts quitely and rises to full volume over one minute - works even if Ring/Silent Switch is set to silent mode - Alert allows you to turn alarm off or set standard "9" minute Snooze - Vibrate option - Auto Snooze if alarm alert is not Stopped or Snoozed - Works even if phone is Locked Hints: - As the app needs to be running, it is recommended that you leave your phone plugged in. - Set your required screen brightness and Volume before launching - Turn Allow Auto-Lock to No, if you want to be able to view the clock all night - Turn Airplane Mode on (iPhone Settings) unless you need to receive Calls - plus also saves battery NB Vibrate settings does not work on iPod Touch Works with iPhone (both 2.5 and 3G) and iPod Touch 2nd Generation (1st generation requires external speaker). Requires firmware v2.2 and above Need a simpler Bedside Alarm Clock? Then check out Wake!Simply. Look out for other "Wake!..." apps coming soon.
Price GBP1.79
License Purchase
File Size 16.98 MB
Version 1.1
Operating System iOS iPhone OS 2.x
System Requirements v2.2 iPhone Firmware