MedHelp's Exercise Tracker

MedHelp's free Exercise Tracker helps users keep track of daily exercise and fitness activity on an easy-to-read interactive chart. Stay motivated by charting distance ran, biked or swam, as well as pedometer steps, total exercise time, and time at target heart rate. MedHelp's Exercise Tracker will automatically calculate the calories burned for almost 100 exercises based on the type, duration and intensity of exercise and the user's weight. The MedHelp Exercise Trackers and Weight Trackers help members gain insight into their own lifestyle and habits, work towards healthier goals, and share their experiences with other members trying to lose weight. You can share your Exercise Tracker with other members or you can keep it private. In addition, you'll be able to track symptoms associated with strenuous exercise, track medications and treatments, or write a journal detailing your exercise activity. Track exercise duration, distance, and time at target heart rate. Automatically calculate and record the total calories burned. Track calories expended during household chores, including housecleaning and gardening. Track symptoms such as fatigue, sore muscles, tendinitis, and pain. Track medications and treatments, including pain killers, massage therapy, and alternative medicine.
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