Here's how the program works, you open the file by clicking on the choose file to split button. The file's size (in bytes) should have been autocalculated by the program and will be divided by two. This will cause the selected file to be cut in half. The number of file piece will vary on what size you specify. For example, if you cut the size in half, you will get two separated files that has an extension of *.001 and *.002. If more parts were generated then expect to see *.003, *.004 and so on and so forth. A *.bat file will also be generated depending on what is the file name that you splitted. This *.bat file will be used to unsplit the file. A bug of this program which I can't seem to fix is that you can't use file names with spaces on them. If you selected a file with a space in it, it won't be accepted by the program and will only give you an error message. Version 1 has split files, generate unsplitter batch files, and can't use spaces in file names.
License Free
File Size 578.74 kB
Version 1
Operating System Windows Vista Windows XP Windows
System Requirements Windows XP/Vista