TruStorm Rugby Pro 2006 gives you the tools to create, manage and share your ideas and vision with your players. Now you can accurately display your thoughts with a true visual representation on your computer screen, displayed on a TV, printed and handed out amongst your team, or straight to the web. TruStorm Rugby Pro 2006 puts the strategy in your hand with these great features: Complete Strategy Editor - Fields for Rugby League and Rugby Union - User friendly interface - Standard and user defined templates - Virtual Field technology, zoom in and out - Intelligent line drawing - Field zones and markers - Strategy animation - Multiple player icons - Save and Open fields - User defined player names - Print and Print Preview of fields - Curved Lines - Delay Lines - Player Making/Tagging - Export to Microsoft Word, HTML, image file, AVI, Adobe Flash - Write comments about your play - Auto comments, creates a basic description of the current field - Copy and Past field items to current or other documents - Video library and playback functions, link real video of the play in action - Layers, show and hide different levels of the field Full Training and Match Planner - Define aims and objectives - Define warm ups and warm downs - Define drills and set plays - Printing - Export to Microsoft Word, HTML, Adobe PDF
LicenseFree to try
File Size3.79 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows 2003 Windows 98 Windows Windows XP
System Requirements
  • PC 800MHz CPU
  • 256MB RAM