Heart Rate Calculator

The heart pumps the blood through your body. The pulse is a high. pressure wave of blood caused by the heartbeat. You can feel a the pulse by putting your fingers over an artery at any point where the artery comes close to the surface of your skin, for example at wrist, neck, or upper arm. Heart Rate Calculator for Pocket PC features: High. resolution (down to 0. 01second) timer; start and stop the timer with the Navigation button; monitor the changes in heart rate over time on the longitudinal graph. The Calendar view shows the maximum and average heart rate day by day. The History display allows one to view all historic data. You can save all data into a text file for copying to PC or sharing with your physician. Allows manual entry of the heart rate.
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Version 2.3
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Mobile Windows Mobile 6.x Windows Mobile 2003 SE Pocket PC 2002