LingvoSoft Dictionary English-Chinese Traditional

LingvoSoft Dictionary English-Chinese Traditional for Pocket PC provides bi-directional word translation and synthesis of speech (400,000 words/phrases). The ability to pronounce English words is the distinguishing feature of this software translator. You don't have to check the transcription, merely select the word and with one click make the speech synthesizer pronounce it for you. The synthesizer (Text-to-Speech engine) is based on a new approach to speech synthesis, i.e. on formanta synthesis, which creates a human vocal tract simulation by modeling sounds of a national language. The Chinese keyboard provides two methods of Chinese input: PinYin (Transliterated Input) and Input by Radical. PinYin is the method of transliterated input. You are supposed to be aware of the proper transliteration of the hieroglyph you want to find. Input by Radical allows you to find a hieroglyph by its radical. Chinese characters are composed of radicals or radical-like elements. Version 3.1.64 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
LicenseFree to try
File Size6.04 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC 2000 Mobile
System RequirementsPocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003/Windows Mobile 5.0