SiteSwap is a freeware juggling animation program for the palm pilot. SiteSwap allows you to Generate random siteswap patterns, select out of a list, or make up your own on the go. Then it will juggle the pattern for you so you can see what it looks like. SiteSwap does not support multiplex or synchronous notation (yet), but will accept normal siteswap notations. Now includes a powerful siteswap generator. You can generate multiplex, synchronous, synchronous, and passing patterns. These can then be copied and pasted into the siteswap input dialog to view the patterns. Since the animator only supports asynchronous non-muliplex solo patterns (i.e. vanilla siteswaps), you won't actually be able to animate those siteswaps with this program. You can however, paste them into another siteswap animator that does (e.g. JuggleMaster Palm).
File Size34.95 kB
Operating System Palm OS 2.x Mobile
System RequirementsPalm OS 2.x