Aqaurius Soft PC Unit Converter

Aquarius Soft PC Unit Converter lets you quickly convert between 2 units, like converting between square meter and square foot etc. One of the main features of this unit converter is the ability to let you add your own custom units for conversion which means you need not wait for the software author to specially add a unit for you.Version supports Windows Vista, adds a number pad for Tablet PC users to easily enter the value to convert and 'auto-copy result' to the clipboard for easy pasting to another application; adds 2 new unit types: acceleration and bits and bytes, as well as 3 gourmet unit types for those of you who cooks: gourmet grams per cup, grams per tablespoon, and grams per teaspoon.
LicenseFree to try
File Size963.48 kB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows XP Windows Vista Windows NT Windows Me Windows 98 Windows 95 Windows
System RequirementsWindows (all)