From the developer: "Parashara's Light is an Ultimate Vedic Astrology Software. Some of its major features include: high accuracy of calculations; Birth, Moon and Sun Charts (Kundli); Planetary Degrees; Shodashvarga (Divisional Charts); Planetary Dignity; Lordships - Birth and important Divisional Charts; Vimsopaka Bala; Planetary Aspects; Shadbala; Planetary Avasthas; Ashtakvarga; Vimshottari Dashas - Maha, Antar, Pratyantar, Sookshma and Prana; Gemstone Prescription; modular Atlas includes even small cities/towns; a large number of atlas files with automatic TZ/DST Lookup; integration with Desktop software (PL Exchange)."
Price USD99
License Free to try
File Size 2.47 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Palm OS 3.x Mobile
System Requirements Palm OS 3.x