UltraMote Universal Remote Package

UltraMote is skin-enabled remote control software for the Pocket PC. UltraMote lets users define the look and feel of their consumer remotes and create an unlimited number of device/activity screens on their PPC. Includes support for the proprietary UltraMote Extender , an infrared add-in card which boosts range up to 50 feet.Version 3.3 adds software support for popular Windows Mobile phones and XScale 2xx-based devices with IrDA port and non-square touchscreen. Also includes twice as many built-in skins and new templates to create your own custom remote screens.
LicenseFree to try
File Size1.02 MB
Operating System Windows Mobile 2003 Phone Edition Mobile Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC 2002 Pocket PC 2000 Windows Mobile 2003 SE
System RequirementsPocket PC 2000/2002/Windows Mobile 2003/2003 Phone Edition/2003 SE/5.x