From the developer: ""Do-in, pronounced 'dough-in', this ancient form of Chinese massage claims to prevent disease rather than cure it. A series of exercises is taught which strengthen and maintain the meridians or energy channels of the body that affect all the major organs. Do-in have been used in the Far East for thousands of years to treat disease, but this poorly understood science has only gained wider acceptance in the West in recent times. 75% of illness is said to be stress-related. This can be anything from general headache, neck and shoulder tension, cold, respiratory problems etc. Practicing Do-in is a good way to work on your own health. ""Version 2.0 of Acupressure & Do-in is a significant upgrade to this handy guide to acupressure. The changes include: all text revised and edited, all new illustrations, new acupoints, new symptoms and pain locations to choose from, and improved programming and navigation.""
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Version 2.0
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