WineMate is a personal wine database that allows you to store information about wines, wine tastings, and your wine cellar. Once you have created the wine record, including where it is from and what grape varieties it contains, you can add tastings for the wine based on vintage, and cellaring information. WineMate is designed for individual use, to store your personal tastings and cellar information. It does not come with a preloaded database, you create all your own wine information as you go. The download contains WineMate/Palm plus documentation.Version 4.2 features the following enhancements: class names can now be customised through preferences; preference are added to ignore decimals in price fields (allows other currencies to be used); a new country/state/region filter added for all views (wine/tasting/cellar).
License Free
File Size 77.06 kB
Version 4.2
Operating System Palm OS 4.x Palm OS 3.x Palm OS 5.x Mobile
System Requirements Palm OS 3.x/4.x/5.x