If you are writing a term paper, research paper, or dissertation, you have probably already experienced the hassle of finding quotes and writing footnotes. This program will manage your bibliography, convert any bibliographical entry into a footnote, and insert footnotes into your document automatically. Furthermore, it can help you manage your index cards or notes, search for text in your notes, transfer items to your document, and create references (for example, footnotes, short footnotes, or parenthetical references) automatically for each note in your document. The last release included a DataGuard function that protects your work, and new context-sensitive help. This program supports several major word processors, including Word 6/7/97/2000/2002, WordPerfect 6/7/8/9/10, and WordPro 97.
License Free
File Size 6.24 MB
Version 4
Operating System Windows 95 Windows Windows Me Windows 98