Sixteen calculators are packed in one software: Pressure drop calculation; Pipe diameter calculation; Gas leak and discharge calculation; Compressible air flow calculation; Isothermal gas flow calculation; Natural gas pipe flow calculation; LPG - liquefied petroleum gas flow calculation; Gas control valve sizing calculation; Control valve sizing calculation; Venturi tube flow calculation; Nozzle and Venturi nozzle; Orifice plate flow calculation; Prandtl probe and Pitot tube flow calculation; Thermal energy calculation; Reynolds number calculation; Resistance coefficient K. Calculators features: Productive tool for every day flow calculations. Used by thousands of engineers, students, professors and other professionals every day Multiple calculation scenarios for each calculator. Easy switch between metric and imperial units. Copy and save calculation results. Every calculator is backed with used theory and equations. Always use the latest version with automatic update. Stay connected with developer and community through social channels.Calculator is offered with time limited subscription terms. Available time limits are 3-day, one month and one year subscription. To select time limited subscription, account registration is required. After registration select subscription.
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