GWtool is a set of simple command-line tools for working with gravitational waves. GWtool programs: gw_coalescence_pmax - Calculates the maximum initial period that can coalesce within a certain time; gw_coalescence_time - Calculates the time needed to reach a certain Porb (default 0) using gravitational-wave evolution; gw_coalescence_time_from_f0 - Calculates time of coalescence for a LIGO binary from certain frequency f0; gw_eta2q - Compute the symmetric mass ratio η from the asymmetric mass ratio q; gw_final_period - Calculates the orbital period of a detached stellar binary after a given time of GW evolution; gw_isco - Calculates isco properties for a black hole with given mass and spin; gw_ligo_mcmc_injection - Create an inspiral injection xml to use for lalinference_mcmc; gw_ligo_xml2screen - Print the contents of a LIGO/Virgo injection.xml file to screen; gw_m1m2-mceta - Compute chirp mass and symmetric mass ratio from the individual masses; gw_match_wfs - Match two time-domain waveforms in specified files; gw_mceta-m1m2 - Convert the chirp mass and symmetric mass ratio to individual masses; gw_q2eta - Compute the symmetric mass ratio η from the asymmetric mass ratio q.
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Operating System Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8 Windows Windows XP


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