It gives the eclipse circumstances, distance and direction to the central line. Observing location is, by default, provided by the phone GPS. Sciatrope provides several tabs: A table which displays the circumstances, and which allow to select an eclipse. A map, with: The eclipse path, with the central line, the northern and southern limits of the central eclipse. The eclipse path is refined when you zoom in. The azimuth of the eclipse contacts. An information pane which allows to set the location by latitude, longitude, altitude, and timezone ; and has several other features. A search pane, to set the location by name. A bookmark pane where you can save favorite locations, and recall them. A compass which provides the azimuth of the eclipse contacts around you. An image display of the relative positions of the moon and sun, With azimuthal or equatorial orientation, Flipped horizontally, vertically, or both (or not flipped of course). For the experts or adventurous, eclipse Besselian elements can be modified, to take into account new updated elements, or experiment with them.
Price USD 1.99
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Version 1.0
Operating System iOS
System Requirements iOS 7 or up