This app allows to perform calculations and unit conversions from the formula of a chemical compound introduced by the user or generated at random, always maintaining a whole scope of the different aspects, data and results of the theme. It has these features: Calculation (manual or automatic) of the molar mass. Unit conversions: grams - moles - molecules, and, for gases, volume in standard conditions Calculation of the centesimal composition of a compound Also,we can obtain the empirical (or molecular, with the mass molar data) formula from the elementary composition of a unknown compound. Results of centesimal composition and empirical/molecular formula can ve saved in a text file The user doesn't need introduce library data, as atomic masses, since it has an editable database of them, that is automatically used in the calculation of the molar mass or the empirical/molecular formula. It's possible also enlarge the funcionallity of the app with external utilities added by means the Tools option of the menu. As a whole, this app is an useful tool to handle topics involded in chemical compounds and to solve related problems.
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