A simple interface provides users with a fast way to insert data on gamma/X-ray lines (energies & probabilities) and the physical constants into Excel for conducting calculations in dosimetry and shielding using all of the tools Excel has to offer. This add-in also allows users to quickly obtain such characteristics as activity, specific doses, decay products, attenuation and absorption coefficients for the selected element or compound. On opening the spreadsheet you will find a new Tab labelled "Physics". Under this Tab is a new ribbon of buttons which function as explained below. Note: you will need to allow/enable macros for the new functions to work. The macros are written in excels visual basic editor and can be viewed and/or adapted by the user. The included macros will give the user an insight into the functionality of the DLL file that can also be called from other programs such as Fortran, C++, IDL. Key functions include: Convert Mass in grams to Activity in Becquerels and back. Retrieve the radioactive Half Life for a chosen isotope Retrieve Gamma & X-Ray Emission Lines Set a minimum Energy for emission line retrieval Show the Specific Dose Rates for a chosen isotope Retrieve the Mass Attenuation & Mass Energy Absorption coefficients for various materials Load your own Build Up tables for use in Dose Rate calculations Perform the above operations in bulk for mixtures of isotopes Insert the Physical Constants with the click of a button Capabilities Requiring Purchase of a License File Perform Decay Calculations for selected isotopes and mixtures of isotopes Display the result as a list of final isotopes and quantities or a table of constituents arising over time. Create a source definition list suitable for inserting directly into a mcnp input file.
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