Mandelx is a very fast fractal generator that uses highly optimized assembly routines for calculations (multithreaded). While the precision is enough MandelX uses the appropriate SIMD floating point code path (SSE, 3Dnow!, SSE2), then switches to FPU code. You can switch between different code paths manually too. The FPU code uses 80 bit extended precision data so you can zoom deeper--without loss of speed--than with most other fractal generators. Integrated palette editor, recording to AVI, and direct rendering to virtually unlimited picture sizes supported.
License Free
File Size 688.48 kB
Version 1.51
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows Me Windows 2003 Windows 2000 Windows 10 Windows 8 Windows Windows Server 2008 Windows NT Windows XP Windows 98
System Requirements DirectX 7.0 or higher