A Windows software for sizing industrial flares, for the evaluation of their thermal and acoustic impact and for the calculation of the flue gas composition. Calculations are made according to the ANSI/API (American Petroleum Industry) Standard 521, fifth edition January 2007 (and its addendum of May 2008), ISO 23251, AP42 and US-EPA methodologies. The main features of the software are: Ability to size (i.e. to calculate the minimum values of height and diameter) subsonic industrial flares according to a specified allowable radiation; Calculation of thermal radiation and noise levels of subsonic and sonic flares; Flame tilting calculated with the Simple approach and with the Brzustowski and Sommer approach; Calculation of the flue gas composition starting from the fuel gas composition; Calculation of the effective stack parameters needed for dispersion modelling (EPA SCREEN3 and TCEQ methodologies); Ability to work with SI (International Standard) and USC (United States Customary) units; Allows to load and georeferentiate raster base maps (automatic georeferentiation if the base map file has an associated world file); Allows to position the stack over the base map; Thermal radiation levels and noise levels are shown at any point moving the mouse over the base map; Plots radiation levels and noise levels over the base map; Stack can be exported in KML format for Google Earth as a 3D cylinder; Thermal radiation levels and noise levels can be exported in KML format for Google Earth.
Price USD 265
License Free to try
File Size 3.07 MB
Version 2.1.13
Operating System Windows, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System Requirements None