SAVI Signaling Analysis and Visualization

Viewing protein-protein and ligand-protein interactions as graphs (networks), where biomolecules are represented as nodes and their interactions are represented as links, is a promising approach for integrating experimental results from different sources to achieve systematic understanding of molecular mechanisms driving cell phenotype. The emergence of large-scale signaling networks provides an opportunity for topological statistical analysis, while visualization of such networks represents a challenge. SAVI implements standard methods to compute the clustering, connectivity distribution and detection, as well as visualization, of network motifs. Additionally, SAVI generates a complete website from network datasets in text format. SAVI contains a tool called PathwayGenerator. This tool creates connection maps as web pages from large tables describing cell signaling interactions. SAVI can also create networks from lists of gene/protein names.Version 2.5 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.
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