McHurricane is a hurricane/storm tracking utility, covering the Atlantic Basin and Eastern Pacific including Hawaii, (13 degrees West to 174 degrees West Longitude, and 0 degrees to 48 degrees North Latitude). You can download storm advisories from the National Hurricane Center directly into McHurricane. Nine storms of 100 plots each may be open at one time. Storm plots can be added, deleted, or inserted. Track plot list is shown, and a selected plot's data may be individually displayed including distances to four custom user installed city locations. Maps and storm data may be printed, and map areas copied to the Clipboard. Preferences may be set for the default map, plot symbols, and storm-strength wind circles, 12 or 24 hour clock display and time zone identification, distances/speeds in nautical, statute, kilometer format, atmospheric pressure in inches of mercury or millibars, storm logs and tracks displayed in selectable matching colors, entry of four custom city locations, and various other launch and screen layout options. New in version 5.2.2: Updated the Advisory import feature do to a couple of small changes in the NHC's advisories. Added another source for downloading advisories. (NHC's public ftp area).
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System RequirementsMac OS 8.6