Periodic Spiral is a unique redesign of the Mendeleyevian periodic table that's both powerful and easy to use. In conventional versions of the periodic table, the lanthanons and actinons are poorly integrated, and the alternating placements of hydrogen neither effectively convey the element's unique status nor indicate its chemical similarities to the noble gases, halogens, and alkali metals. Periodic Spiral illustrates hydrogen's ambiguous relationship, while also fully integrating the lanthanons and actinons into the design. In addition it features a complete set of 120 elements'including postulated elements such as 115'with comprehensive information on each from 12 categories that include among others; history, associations, geology, compounds, alloys, and form. With over 600 pages of text, no other reference source provides instant access to such a wealth of information about the chemical elements. The Spiral offers a great deal of unusual information about the elements that is unavailable from any other single-source reference, including the best of encyclopedias or textbooks. New version 1.3 expands the menu to 199 categorized entries, in addition to an enhanced text engine that supports superscript and subscript notation, and hyperlinked element names.
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