GizmoWinDraw can be very usefull for people who need technical schema for their lectures, publications or presentations. The .bmp or .jpg files are easily inserted in a document like Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or LaTeXPdF (producing .pdf files for Adobe Acrobat Reader) GizmoWinDraw may be also usefull to teachers for giving a practical feeling in elementary geometry to their students. As a matter of fact, since GizmoWinDraw allows to easely draw with the mouse complicated geometrical constructions, this permit to students as well as teachers to be fried from borrowing drawing tasks.
File Size18.88 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows 98 Windows
System Requirements<li>Windows 98/XP</li> <li>1 GHz+</li> <li>256MB RAM </li> <li>25MB HDD space</li>