2003 World Almanac - Vital Statistics

Become an "Instant Reference Expert" on General US Statistics!Town Compass® presents The 2003 World Almanac - Vital Statistics.Whether you are an educator, student, scholar or just need immediate access to general statistical information, you will find this database fast, comprehensive and extremely valuable. Loaded with studies, statistics, and graphs. Put authority in your pocket! The Database contains:Full-color Cover Page, Storage Card Compatibility, Searchable RecordsBirths & Deaths, including Recent Trends, Total US Births & Deaths, Births & Deaths by State, Birth & Fertility Rates, Nonmarital Births, US Foreign Adoptions, Multiple Births, Infant Death Causes, Infant Death Rates, Life Expectancies, Causes of Death, Abortions by State, and Contraceptive UseMarriage, including Marriage & Divorce Rates and Median Age of First MarriagesDrugs & Alcohol, including Cigarette Use, General Drug Use, Student Drug Use, High School Seniors Drug Use, and Student Alcohol UseAccidental Deaths, including Principal Types, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Accidents by Driving Type, Firearms Deaths, Home Accident Deaths, Worldwide Airline Fatalities, and US FiresStudent Behavior, including Risk Behaviors and Sexual ActivityHealth & Insurance, including Types of Physicians, Health Expenditures, Life Insurance Ownership, Health Insurance by State, Non-Insured Persons, Health Insurance Coverage, HMO Enrollment, Health Care Visits, Emergency Room Visits, Physicians Visits, Most Prescribed Drugs, Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Cancer Cases & Deaths, Cancer Incidence, Cancer Mortality, Cardiovascular Diseases, Organ Transplant Waiting Lists, Organ Transplants, AIDS Deaths & New Cases, and AIDS TransmissionThis product requires the FREE Town Compass DataViewer. Download it from www.PocketDirectory.com.
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