MutantMaker designs oligonucleotides for Site Directed Mutagenesis that allow researchers to screen candidate mutants by restriction digest rather than costly sequencing. The oligonucleotides suggested by MutantMaker will create or destroy a restriction site, while maintaining a peptide sequence. With a simple and elegant user interface, users enter their original DNA sequence into text field, drag a codon selector over the codon to mutate, and choose what amino acid to mutate their sequence to. MutantMaker comes with 492 unique restriction enzymes (from Rebase 510), not including isoschizomers! Select any set of enzymes to search through and push "Find Candidates". MutantMaker results are even multi-colored showing exactly which nucleotides were mutated. In typical fashion, results can be saved and reloaded for later use. And for reliability, data files are human-readable XML.
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