Probability Calculator

SpiceLogic Probability Calculator is an easy to use learning tool for various probability distributions. It comes with the following probability distributions built in. 1. Normal Distribution. 2. Continuous Uniform Distribution. 3. Discrete Uniform Distribution. 4. Triangular Distribution. 5. Binomial Distribution. 6. Geometric Distribution. 7. Hyper Geometric Distribution. 8. Poisson Distribution. 9. Beta PERT Distribution. 10. Beta Distribution. 11. Chi-Square Distribution. 12. Rayleigh Distribution. 13. Student's T Distribution. 14. Weibull Distribution. 15. Gamma Distribution. 16. Negative Binomial Distribution. If any of the above distribution does not fit your need, it offers you a powerful Custom Distribution modeling option so that you can use table-based custom distribution, or even you can use f(x) based equations. Lots of metrics are calculated for a distribution and displayed intuitively. You can calculate the probability of a Range for your distribution. For every distribution, Cumulative Distribution Function, Survival Function, and Hazard rates can be displayed too. It is the simplest modeling and learning tool on probability distribution as of today. Try and get amazed. Oh yes, it is completely FREE.
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