Menu: 1. Graphic. 2. Finding roots with False Position method. 3. Optimum (maximum/minimum) with Golden Search method. 4. Integral with Simpson 1/3 method. 5. Differential with Central difference 4 order. 6. Sistem of Linear Equation (AX=B) Eliminasi Gauss-Seidel or X=inv(a).B. 7. Eigen pair with Power method. 8. Interpolation with Newton method. 9. Ordinary Differential Equation with Runge-Kutta 4 Order. 10. Curve-Fitting with Least square. 11. Partial Differential Equation (PDE): 12. PDE Wave with Finite-Difference. 13. PDE Heat with Forward-Difference. 14. PDE Laplace with Dirichlet. 15. Ordinary Differential Equation (boundary value problem) with Linear Shooting 16. Intersection two curves. 17. Area two curves. 18. Interpolation (Cubic spline).
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