Mathaly - Your Personal Partner in Math Practice (PEGI and ESRB approved) Mathaly is a highly adaptive Math practice game for students of Grade 1 to Grade 5. From Addition, Subtraction to Division, Fractions, Measurement to Geometry, Mathaly addresses every topic and skill as per the grade level. Our scientifically designed game play motivates kids to practice more and climb higher. Medals, stars, global Hall of Fame and fun problems keep them interested and help build a strong foundation. Our Artificial Intelligence engine tailors the learning experience for each student as per his own speed and performance and provides him an experience where learning is driven by students' pull rather than parents' push. Hence, our kid-friendly environment encourages the child to return to the game over and over again. We invite you to join in our journey of discovering the student pull for Math with Mathaly. How are we different? 1. We create a strong learning-pull by adding fun to Math. 2. We provide an adaptive learning experience to each student from Grade 1 to 5 (age 3-14). 3. The entire curriculum for each Grade is divided into 650+ granular skills. 4. Highly targeted assessment reports are prepared for each topic based on the student's performance. 5. Students are encouraged to earn stars and medals with each correct answer and improve their performance in case of an incorrect choice. Safety measures: 1. We have got ratings from PEGI and ESRB for your child's safe game. For best results, encourage your younger one to practice for at least 25 minutes a day and 4 days a week. You will see that excellence in math is within reach and a lot of fun! We collect child's name & grade to personalize the program for the students. We do not share any of this information with anyone.
Price USD 9.99
License Free to try
Operating System Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
System Requirements None