Children should have the opportunity to practice elementary arithmetic. This software will give your child the edge. The one opportunity every child should have is to have a basic understanding of maths. It is one of those things in life we use on a daily basis so let them learn early. Not only will they get the opportunity to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication. They will get to see what the flag of every country in the world looks like. Learn the symbols for the periodic table. Look at roman numerals. Learn about common shapes and how to work out the area of a Square or Triangle. Space is another great subject would you like to learn about the solar system? This software is packed full of amazing features all aimed at helping your child become the best they can possibly be. You will see the software has many different levels starting at a very basic level for those starting out gradually getting harder. The addition tests have 45 different levels with 4 bonus levels. You can be confident there is a level for everyone. The subtraction tests have 11 levels plus a speed test. The first 9 levels will give you the chance to take a 20 or 40 question test. The speed test will test your wits, if you are good enough to get one of the top 10 scores your score will be on the leader-board for all to see. Children starting out should start on level 1 and work their way up. The multiplication section has 15 standard levels plus 3 extra levels. The extra levels include the 30 minute test. The idea of the 30 minute test is to get your mind racing against the clock. See how many you can get right in 30 minutes. You will also see there is a multiple-choice section as well which is really good. As with the subtraction level speed test there is one built in to this level as well. Remember you need to score within the ten to get on the leader-board. At some point while your child is at school they will get spellings. This software will help them learn them.
License Free
File Size 4.9 MB
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