BioMed Lab Portal Server Package

This package contains a MacOS X Installer for a self-contained BioMed Laboratory Portal Server for intranet use for a biomedical research laboratory. It includes Apache web server with all the standard components (PHP, MySQL, Perl etc) from XAMPP, and XOOPS system with PubMedPDF module for managing thousands of PDF reprints from journals. PubMedPDF integrates very nicely with the popular iPapers application, automatically indexing papers collected by iPapers and making them available via the Lab portal site for Mac and Windows alike. It also includes PHP-based PukiWiki system for managing notes and documentations for lab use. It is suitable for maintaining various lab notes and manuals, FAQs and instructions for daily activities of any lab. Modifying these web contents may be done via a standard browser, and simple changes can literally be done in a matter of seconds.
File Size56.34 MB
Operating System Mac OS X 10.3.9 Macintosh Mac OS X 10.4 PPC Mac OS X 10.3
System RequirementsMacOS X 10.3.x or later