UMBRAPHILE is a FreeWare Macintosh application designed for solar eclipse aficionados. UMBRAPHILE serves three primary purposes. You can use UMBRAPHILE to determine the centerline and local circumstances of total and annular solar eclipses, local circumstances for partial solar eclipses, or for the partial phases of total and annular eclipses. UMBRAPHILE will allow you to use a MacOS computer to control one (or more) camera(s) through a VERY simple electro-mechanical or electronic interface and have it automatically take photographs of a solar eclipse for you. No more wasting those precious seconds of totality fumbling around with camera equipment. Sit back, relax, and let UMBRAPHILE do the work for you. UMBRAPHILE provides count up/down times to the instants of CII, mid-eclipse, and CIII, to help you keep track of those precious minutes and seconds even if you are not imaging totality.
File Size323.78 kB
Operating System Mac OS Classic Macintosh
System RequirementsSystem 7 and higher