Wavelet Video Watermarking

The rapid spread of digital media (audio, images and video) and the ease of their reproduction and distribution has created a need for copyright enforcement schemes in or- der to protect content creators and owners. In recent years, digital watermarking has emerged as an effective way to prevent users from violating copyrights. This concept is based on the insertion of information into the data in such a way that the added information is not perceptible yet resis- tant to (intentional or unintentional) alterations of the wa- termarked data. Three factors must be considered in image or video wa- termarking: Capacity, i.e. the amount of information that can be put into the watermark and recovered without errors; Robustness, i.e. the resistance of the watermark to alterations of the original content such as compression, filtering or cropping; Visibility, i.e. how easily the watermark can be discerned by the user. These factors are inter-dependent; for example, increasing the capacity will decrease the robustness or increase the vis- ibility. Therefore, it is essential to consider all three factors for a fair evaluation or comparison of watermarking algorithms. We have developed a fast scheme for Wavelet-based video watermarking that is capable to process frames quickly and efficiently.
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