8 calculators from the award-winning Palm software Electrist selected specifically to assist Industrial Engineers, Electrical Contractors, Commercial Installers, and Maintenance Men! For those who don't need all the functions of Electrist, save some RAM on your Palm and money in your pocket! Used the world over by Electrical, Electronic, Audio, RF, & Industrial Engineers & Technicians, Electricians, Linemen, Maintenance Crews, Ham operators, Hobbyists, and Students The most complete set of calculations: Conductor Voltage Drop Conductor Size Selection 3 Phase Power Cost of Use Delta/Wye Conversion Peak/Peak-to-Peak/RMS/Average Sine Wave Conversion Capacitive/Inductive Reactance Series/Parallel Resistive/Inductive/Capacitive Impedance The easiest, fastest, and most advanced user interface available: Use AWG, Metric, and custom conductor sizes Create custom conductor materials Calculate ANY parameter of most formulas Effortlessly scale values from 1 pico- to 1 Tera- ranges Unique scale-lock control keeps value displayed in selected range Enhanced Clipboard makes your work even easier and faster: Cut & Paste full unscaled values Direct access with functions assign, add to, subtract from, clear, and invert Create/Store/Recall unlimited sets of circuit parameters Map functions to any of the hard keys and navigator buttonsBuilt-In MiniCalc not only performs all the functions of a common calculator, but also many conversions useful to electrical professionals * Fully compatible with any Palm OS device from system 3.5 to 6 whether color or monochrome * Free upgrades and E-Mail customer service and support for life
File Size84.96 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0 or better