Features for Macintosh and Windows versions Track Moon Position in Realtime World Map shows Moon Footprint Sked Maker calculates best time for Moon Bounce (EME) contacts between 2 stations Displays Moon Bounce Schedules (Imports SKD80 files) Moon Graph shows Monthly Moon data in graphical for Printout Schedules, Predictions and Graphs. Uses and displays Directory of Moonbounce stations (DIR.SKD) Tracks Celestial Radio Sources in realtime Callfinder with intelligent 'has moon' calculator Links to your email program for easy scheduling with other stations Exports Az/El data for Integration with Rotator Control programs Easy Interface allows rapid choice of suitable date and time for EME schedules 144MHz/ to 24GHz Doppler shift between Stations 144MHz/432MHz Background Sky Temperature Grid Location entry Moon Range and DGR dB loss Spatial Polarity and calculation of Maximum Non Reciprocity
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Operating System Macintosh Mac OS Classic
System Requirements
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