Decimal Equivalents, Drills, & Tap Drills For The PalmOS

Decimal Equivalents, Drills, And Tap Drills For The PalmOS takes the familiar wall chart found in tens of thousands of machine shops and engineering offices throughout the world and puts it into the palm of your hand. And it doesn't stop there, includes information you won't find on that wall chart. Decimal equivalents / Drills database includes 426 entries for all standard fractional inch, wire gauge, letter, and metric drill sizes from 0.0059 to 1 inch: Decimal Equivalents of all of the shop-standard fractions from 1/64 to 1" in standard 1/64" increments. Wire gauge drill sizes from #97 (0.0059") to #1 (0.2280) Letter drill sizes from A (0.2340) to Z (0.4130) Metric drill sizes from 0.32mm to 25.40mm Options to turn on/off display of Fractional, Wire Gauge, Metric, and Letter sizes, and to set the number of displayed decimal places to 3, 4, 5, or 6. (Options are not saved between sessions in the demo version!) The Tap Drills database includes 490 entries for the standard "English" sizes as well as pipe, metric, roll (thread forming), and STI ("Screw Thread Insert") sizes: All standard UNC and UNF (as well as many UNEF and UNS) thread sizes from 0-80 to 1-1/2-12 NPT and NPS pipe thread sizes from 1/16-27 to 1-1/2-11-1/2. For NPT threads, information is given for standard tap drills as well as tap drill followed by taper reaming. Metric Coarse and Metric Fine sizes from M1 x .25 to M39 x 3 Roll (thread forming) tap data for both English and Metric sizes (#0-80 through 3/4-16 and M1.6 x 0.35 through M24 x 3.00) STI ("Screw Thread Insert") sizes from 1-64 to 1-1/2-12 and from M2 x 0.40 to M39 x 2.00. Tap drills for STI threads are given in both STI-A (recommended tap drill for Aluminum) and STI-S (recommended for Steel, Magnesium, and Plastic) sizes. Options to turn on/off display of Fractional, Pipe, Metric, Roll Form, and STI taps. (Options are not saved between sessions in the demo version!) Tap drills (except STI threads) are sized for the same standard 65-75% theoretical full thread typically found on wall charts.
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Version 2.00
Operating System Mobile
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  • Palm OS 3.5 and higher