ConvertionsToGo for Palm

ConversionsToGo for Palm features more than 473 conversion factors for over 7,000 possible conversions in more than 50 categories. In addition to standard calculator functions, it allows for currency conversions as well as time zone conversions. The best conversion tool for your Palm! Version 2.0 now available! Enhanced user-interface and a custom conversions feature. Try ConversionsToGo for Palm for up to 10 days. Or, purchase a single license for $12. Product features: Features more than 473 conversion factors for over 7,000 possible conversions in more than 50 categories Features over 300 physical constants Currency conversions in more than 60 currencies, view last 5 currencies through the Currency List function Custom conversions feature, up to 60,000 entries. Time Zone conversions for more than 260 capitals Quickly switch between basic and advanced category listing with a tap of a button Offers standard calculator functions Bookmark and History function for easy access to frequently-used conversions Clipboard function, copy and paste your conversions to other applications Allows user to apply metric prefixes to metric units Customize your number display for easy reading Extremely user-friendly interface, features one-tap easy access to most functions Enhanced support for Palm OS 5 based devices. Supports colored handheld devices Supports high resolution devices (both pre-5.0 high resolution and Palm OS 5 double density resolution screens) Supports Palm expansion/memory cards -- Sony Memory stick, SD/CF memory card, other VFS compatible devices. System Requirements: To install and run ConvertionsToGo for Palm on your handheld device, you must meet the following minimum requirements: For Windows users Desktop PC Windows 98 or Windows ME or Windows 2000 or Windows XP Pentium class 16MB free hard disk space 32MB of available memory Palm Desktop software for Windows (latest version) HotSync Manager for Windows (latest version) For Mac users Apple Macintosh PowerPC processor Mac OS X (version 10.1.2 or higher) Or Mac OS 9.x with 12 MB of available memory 16 MB Free hard disk space Palm Desktop software for Mac (latest version) HotSync Manager for Mac (latest version) Palm device Palm compatible device at least Palm OS 3.5.1 512KB of storage RAM 256KB of dynamic RAM
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
Palm compatible device, at least Palm OS 3.5.1, 512KB of storage RAM adn 256KB of dynamic RAM