WaveCalc is an ocean wave calculator for the Palm OS. It will compute any wave parameter (other than amplitude) from any other. Just type in a value in any field and hit the Calculate button. The gravity and capillary buttons at the bottom of the calculator indicate whether you have computed a gravity or a capillary wave. These buttons are normally controlled by WaveCalc because your selection of a value determines the type of wave. But it turns out that for a certain range of phase or group speeds, there can be two possible choices of frequency, wavelength, and the other parameters. One choice corresponds to a gravity wave and one corresponds to a capillary wave. If you select a speed within this ambiguous range, these buttons are no longer under program control and you can use them to select between the two different wave modes. For example, try selecting a phase speed of 0.4 m/s, and then clicking on the Gravity and Capillary buttons.
File Size26.37 kB
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 2.0 or higher