APSW Instant Converter

a universal unit conversion program that converts units from time, length, area, volume, power units, bits, bytes, megabytes, tera, giga, mega, kilo, drams, celsius, farenheit, feet, miles, gallons, litres, seconds, quadrant, nautical miles SI units and Avoirdupois weight, and much more. Even comes with a breeding chart most useful for animal husbandry. Instant Converter is an easy to use and fast unit conversion software for all Microsoft Windows platforms. Instant Converter' is a very simple, intuitive, useful and nice unit conversion program. Simply type in a value into one of the edit boxes and immediately see the result in the second edit box. Very easy.
File Size3.24 MB
Operating System Windows NT Windows 2000 Windows Windows XP
System Requirements
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • 8MB HDD Space
  • 4MB RAM