Astro-metrics Bundle

The astro-metrics bundle consists of the following astro-metrics astronomy applications: Lunar: Lunar helps you observe the Moon by showing you the phases, the position in its orbit around Earth, the distance from Earth, its age in the current lunation and the percentage of illumination. It also gives you the names of the prominent features on the face of the Moon and the major quarters in the current lunation. Lunar also allows you to add the major Moon phases to your Date Book. Orrery: Orrery displays the orbital positions of the nine planets around The Sun. Animate the display to easily visualise elongations of Mercury and Venus, and oppositions of the outer planets. In the information window you call call up detailed information for each planet and get its current distance from the Sun. The Sun Rise Set screen shows you the rise, set and transit times of the sun and the end and start times of the twilights. The Planet Rise Set window let's you easily plan your observing sessions showing you the planets' rise, set and transit times and the sun rise and set times and twilights in one graphical display. Jovian: Observe Jupiter's four largest moons, also known as the Galilean Satellites, after Galileo Galilei, who first discovered and observed them in 1610, and Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS). Jovian helps you to easily locate and identify the moons and lets you animate their orbits around our solar system's largest gas giant. Further screens show you the position of the GRS for any given time and date within the Palm's date range, and the different zones and belts in Jupiter's atmosphere with their names. Astro-metrics Desk Accessory: The astro-metrics DA shows the Local and Universal date and time, the Greenwich and Local Mean Sidereal Time and the Julian Day and Modified Julian Day. As a Desk Accessory it can be called up in any other application currently running to give you the current times. Direct links to the other astro-metrics astronomical programmes allows quick switching between those applications.
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Version 1.2
Operating System Mobile
System Requirements
  • Palm OS 3.0