Electrist is the top-rated electrical & electronics engineering formula calculator. Features include: The most complete set of calculations - 58 formulas & variations: Integrated Ohm's Law/Watt's Law Calculator Resistor Color Code Calculator Series and Parallel Resistance, Inductance, or Capacitance Calculator (Series/Parallel RLC) Unknown Value of Parallel Resistance, Parallel Inductance, or Series Capacitance Voltage and Current Drop Calculator (aka Voltage or Current Dividers) Capacitive and Inductive Reactance Calculator Series and Parallel RLC Impedance Calculator Sine Wave Conversion Calculator (Peak/Peak-to-Peak/RMS/Average) Delta to Wye(Star)/Wye(Star) to Delta Conversion Calculator RC and RL Time Constant Calculator Gain in Decibels (dB) Calculator Power in Decibel/MilliWatts (dBm) Calculator Conductor Voltage Drop Calculator Conductor Size Selection The easiest, fastest, and most advanced user interface available: Calculate ANY parameter on most formulas Effortlessly scale values from 1 pico- to 1 Tera- ranges Unique scale-lock control keeps value displayed in selected range Enhanced Clipboard makes your work even easier and faster: Cut & Paste full unscaled values Direct access with functions assign, add to, subtract from, clear, and invert Create/Store/Recall unlimited sets of circuit parameters Pass common parameters between related calculations with a single stroke Each formula clearly displayed at the top of each form Map any calculator to any of the four hard keys Indespensable for professionals, students, and hobbyists Fully compatible with any Palm OS 5 device whether color or monochrome Free Upgrades for Life
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