CoolLocalizer is a novel lightweight image analysis software for confocal microscopy. The prime target group is all scientists doing confocal microscopy in academia as well as in industry. The program performs predominantly Co-localization analysis (hence the name CoolLocalizer) but also other tasks. It features two-click generation of image montages for publication, presentation, and documentation of image data (usually a tedious procedure in Photoshop). CoolLocalizer differs from other applications in many ways: * It runs on personal computers including notebooks * It is smaller and stand-alone, no need for a "mother-ship" application or extra modules * It is much easier to learn and use. * Interface designed by scientists doing microscopy to be as easy and "few-click" as possible. * The price. Traditional applications are more than ten times more expensive! Traditional software are typically installed on only one workstation per research department. Because of the pricing and its ease of use, every scientists can run their own copy of CL. The manual can be downloaded from the developer's site.
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  • Windows XP/NT/2000/98/95