MB Cusp Astrology

MB Cusp Astrology finds out if you are born in the cusp of two sun signs. People born in such periods are influenced by both the sun signs involved. This software helps you analyze your personality and understand yourself better. MB Cusp Astrology is just the right astrology tool for doing cusp analysis or cusp astrology interpretation and knowing your cusp signs. You also come to know about the attributes of the cusp signs with respect to your natural habits, tendencies and personality traits - both positive as well as the negative ones. MB Cusp Astrology Software is a unique aid that helps you overcome your confusion as to if your sun sign is Aries or Taurus. You might have such doubts if you were born at the last hour of 20th April or at the very initial hour of 21st April. People born at a time when, or around when the sun passes from one sign to the next have the maximum possibility to be of cusp signs. You may also find such instances when a person claims (quite justified claim as revealed through the date of birth) to be a Scorpio but shows Sagittarian personality traits. Again, people having the characteristic features of two signs are not rare to find. The secret is that they are born on the cusp of two signs. If you want to do a cusp analysis to know if you were born on a cusp, all you need to do is to download MB Cusp Astrology Software and get a free cusp reading.
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