Arithmemouse Times Tables

Arithmemouse Times Tables, created to appeal to both boys and girls, is a video game designed to help give children the confidence that comes from learning one of the fundamental foundations of mathematics-- multiplication facts. In Arithmemouse, the player is represented by "Arithmemouse," a robot mouse who learns his times tables facts in virtual environments. Play is intuitive in Arithmemouse Times Tables. Little robots called "tip mice" aid and encourage the player throughout the game. Arithmemouse uses simple controls-- the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Arcade skills required are minimal with practice jumping steps in the first world prompted by a tip mouse. Arrows pointing the right way to go are on many walls. The player's goal is to use the correct number box for the given question to exit each times challenge room. Correct number boxes are used as platforms, teleporters and triggers to gain access to the times challenge room's exit. Arithmemouse is about learning; absent from Arithmemouse are life meters, violence, and punishments for failure.
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