A Visual Basic game written for Windows. A simple application for two players to practice multiplication skills using numbers 1 through 12. Join a friend in a friendly game of darts as the crowd watches the game and test your skill. Pick the two highest multipliers for the number in the bullseye that will add together for the most points. View the "README.txt" file in the downloaded folder for installation instructions. This program was tested with Windows 7, XP and 98. It should also work well with Windows 95 and Me. Game rules are available in the downloaded folder in the"GAME_RULES.txt" file. Installing in Windows 7 you will get an error as the install program tries to install a desktop shortcut. Choose to ignore this error. In Windows 7, run the program in the XP-SP2 compatibility mode.
License Free
File Size 10.18 MB
Version 1.0
Operating System Windows 7 Windows 98 Windows Windows Me Windows XP
System Requirements Windows 7 requires the program to run in the Windows XP / SP2 compatibility mode.