XaoS allows you to zoom in or out of a fractal in a fluid, continuous motion. This capability makes XaoS great for exploring fractals, and its just plain fun. Fractals are incredibly complex and beautiful images that are created from simple mathematical formulas. If you don't anything about fractals, don't worry. XaoS includes many animated tutorials that make learning about fractals fun and easy. These tutorials are also a great introduction to all of XaoSs features.XaoS can display many different fractal types, including Mandelbrot, Barnsley, Newton, Phoenix, and many more. Fractals can be rendered using various coloring methods and planes for an almost endless variety of images. XaoS also supports switching between Julia and Mandelbrot sets for each formula. Version 3.5 improved GUI appearance with modern fonts and controls on XP and Vista.
License Free
File Size 1.47 MB
Version 3.5
Operating System Windows Windows 7 Windows XP Windows Vista