WhizKids Multimedia PC Tutor 2006 Mathematics Primary 6

(For ages 11 and 12) WhizKids is a popular curriculum-based English and Mathematics learning software written according to syllabus stipulated by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. It provides a very effective, self-paced learning approach to help your kids improve grades by focusing on understanding of concepts, not just rote learning. The emphasis is not just on providing your child with answers.The major strength of WhizKids is that it explains the underlying concepts to ensure in depth understanding of a topic. WhizKids achieves that by testing and reinforcing your child using questions that are carefully set in various formats (MCQ and Structured). WhizKids tries to approach a concept from different angles. In short, WhizKids helps your child by adopting a very simple but effective, time-tested approach called RAMP (which stands for Revise, Assess, Motivate and Parental participation). If used consistently, WhizKids will certainly help to improve grades within months.
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System RequirementsWindows 98/Me/XP