SAT & GMAT Practice Problems

From the developer: "Taylor's Learning Special Kit is helping you to master math subjects through practicing and solving problems. The solutions will tutor your work, while the hints will save you valuable study time and improve your understanding of mathematical concepts. Features: 1,500 problems & solutions, 1,200 hints, the problems can be copied, pasted and edited within all commonly used word processor, Simple step by step explanations, Helps students practice at home. Subjects for SAT: Integers, signed numbers, powers, roots, Operations with fractions, Properties of integers, Average, median and mode, Percents, ratio and proportion, Algebraic expressions, Algebraic equations, system of equations, inequalities, Word problems (rate, distance, percents, average), Miscellaneous, Data interpretation, Counting and ordering problems, Probability, Lines and angles, Polygons, Circles, Coordinate geometry, Solids: volume, surface area. Subjects for GMAT: Integers, signed numbers, powers, roots, Fractions and decimals, Percents, ratio and proportion, Average and median, Algebraic expressions, Equations and inequalities, Word problems, Miscellaneous, Counting problems, Lines and angles, Polygons, Coordinate geometry."
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